Shopping Market

The main Shopping complex in Namchi is located in the Central Park areas. There are many shops where provisions, clothing, handicraft are available.

Handloom & Handicrafts

For shopping of handicraft one can check out the curio shops at Samdruptse. However the main emporium of Directorate of Handloom & Handicrafts is located at a convenient place at 'Zero' Point in the Gangtok. Most of the handloom and handicraft items produced in the state are beautifully showcased here.











Thanka paintings, carpets, handlooms

These are, thanka paintings, carpets, handlooms, wooden carved and painted items, wooden masks, cane and bamboo works, traditional hats and caps, multi-craft items, embroidered products and stuffed dolls. The Directorate has 28 centers all over the state and also one emporium in Sikkim House, New Delhi.











Training talented persons

Apart from training talented persons in art and crafts, the Directorate also helps in preserving and keeping alive the marvellous cultural heritage of Sikkim. In addition, it takes part in the exhibitions and fairs all over, thus extending help in not only popularization of local art and crafts but also in their marketing. Upon gaining confidence out of such experiences, some of the craftsmen are not only benefiting financially but a few of them have also opened their own websites.









Important business sector

The complete information on the market needs to be made available and it is expected for any important business sector. Information and analyses on pricing, security, health, safety, market for new tourism product, quality and quantity of tourist, behavior of tourists, socioeconomic impacts, influence of media and internet and other information systems, revenue, employment, human resources, market competitor, and many more areas will be mandatory and this will be done by the STDC and Publicity wing of the Department. The findings of this will help to guide our plans, programme & strategies for implementation. In order to ensure the continuing development of the tourism industry, collection of accurate data on tourist arrivals, nationality, length of stay, purpose of visit, area of interest, our drawbacks in Sikkim tourism as well as the feedback on the products, conditions and experiences is absolutely necessary. For this the services of a professional local agency will be obtained along with the Departmental collection.