• Puja materials and Sikkim Local items are available within premises.
  • Devotees can perform anty kind of puja and rituals in a peaceful and serene environment.
  • Marriage activities, Bratabandh (sacred thread ceremony) Puja, Yagya, Hawan etc can be performed by any devotees on paying donation for perfoming all such rituals.


Vehicles visiting the complex can be parked from 6 am to 6 pm only and the risk shall be entirely on the owner of the vehicle.
Littering of the complex by garbage is strictly prohibited and the person found littering is liable to a penalty of Rs 500.
Siddheshvara Dham complex is an eco-friendly zone and the use of plastics bags is strictly prohibited in the complex. Visitors are advised not to bring any plastics bags and bottles insides the complex

Here is parking fee details below -

Vehicle types Parking time Parking fee

Bus Parking

6am - 6pm Rs 100/-
Small Vehicle -   6am - 6pm Rs 50/-

Two Wheeler 
6am - 6pm Rs 20/-


Wheechair and Battery operated vehicle can be hired for disable and senior citizens.


Stay connected while visiting Siddhesvara dhaama as free WiFi has benn provided in and arround the Complex by NI C(National Informatics Centre).

SSID and Password can be obtain from the ticket counter


  • Cafeteria services are available at the complex . Visitors are welcome to enjoy the refreshment at complex. The Cafeteria provides good quality hygienic food of excellent taste.
  • Yatri Niwas – Hotel & Lodging facilities are available within premises..
  • VIP Guest House - is available within premises.