The Approach to the Complex
A plan showing the location of the shrines in the complex has been appended, which provides a bird's-eye view of the location of the shrines in the Siddhevara Dhama Complex. It would be evident from the plan that the approach to the temple complex is by means of three entrance gates with a couple of guards serving as gatekeepers at each one of the entrance gates, which are described as follows:-


KirateSvara Dvara


At the entry to the Complex, the visitors first reach the Kirategvara Dvara, which is guarded by two guards with a rustic or nomadic look. They are clad in rustic attire with garlands of animal bones around their necks. A khukri or a small dagger is tied to their waists and each one holds a spear in his hand. In short, their facial appearance, the ornaments worn by them, besides the costumes are primitive.


mankhim sikkim sikkim kirat kiratesvara

As the visitor enters this gate, he finds a huge image of Lord Kiratesvara standing over a circular pedestal. He is attired in the skin garments at the waist, while the bust of the body remains uncovered except for the cross wise straps of the weapons or quivers carried by him at the back. He has a bearded face like a rustic or a nomad, so also is the case with the headdress, His legs from knees are quite bare, besides the feet. The legs have also been designed like those of a rustic personality and his body shows the muscles quite prominently which display the strength possessed by him.

He holds a bow in his left hand and an arrow in the ri•lat ont • A dagger, locally known as dhabay or khukri is tied to his waist on the left. He has the head-dress of the locks of hair, well arranged, some of which also fall back beyond the shoulders with a plume at the top. A serpent shows its hood over the left shoulder, coils of which can be seen round the right arm. This story of Kirata appearing before Arjuna is found in the Mahabharata and the Puranas.


Nandisvara Dvara

The next gate after the Kiratesvara Dvara, is the Nandisvara Dvara , which leads the visitor to the huge image of seated Namdi, as also the temple of the Sai Baba of Shirdi. This gate is guarded by Vayu and Varuna, who have traditionally been known as Dvarapalas of temples, placed on either side of the gate, having the usual attributes.


Vayu or Wing god
Vayu has been shown with four arms holding a flag and an object in the lef hands, the right hand holds a chakra, while the other right hand fails upto the knees. His head is adorned with a beautiful crown. He wears beautiful kundalas or ear rings, necklace and anklets as the ornaments.


Varuna or the Water god

The four armed Varuna is shown standing with a crown decorating his head, he wears anklets, waist band, earrings, wristlets and the sacred thread. His two Jipper hands shod a noose and a serpent while the lower hands show a kamandalu as well as a staff. This gate leads visitors to the statue of Nandi as well the Sai Baba temple.



From time immemorial, Nandi has been known as the vehicle of Shiva. There were two different duties assigned to him, viz: To guard the abode of Shiva, besides serving him as a vehicle to carry him and his family from one place to another.

As a guard, he kept a watch over the forest in which Shiva and Parvati enjoyed conjugal pleasures, after their mania:co When Ravana tried to force his entry into the place, casting aspersions over Nandi, then pronounced a curse on Ravana, which caused his total destruction.
At the Siddhegvara Dhama Complex, a gigantic-size Nandi is shown seated over a raised pedestal, with the left front leg stretched forward. He faces the colossal image of Shiva. He is seen sitting in ease, absolved of all the worries. His neck is decorated with a string of bells. He has a hump and the tail is entwined around his rear left leg.

Nandi is extremely popular and is found present in almost all the Shiva temples in the country and abroad. He has been praised as shown in the image below Nandi.(Wearing a bell as an ornament around his neck, the rumb1in sound of which disturbs the earth and the sky, Nandi, who is the incarnation of dharma is worthy of serving as a mount of Shiva. He is known by the name of Nandi. Let him remove the ignorance of darkness, bestowing the auspicious wisdom on the people. May he • meet with welfare always.)